Plot Bunny Prep School

Resources for Writers

A plot bunny is a wild idea for a new or existing story—and also a metaphor for the joy and terror of creation. As endearing as they are dangerous, plot bunnies can elevate or derail any narrative. But what they do is entirely up to you. After all, they are figments of your imagination. Instead of chasing them blindly (or chasing them away), why not train them to do your bidding?

Plot Bunny Prep School offers simple strategies for each stage of the creative process. Whether you’re intimidated by a blank page or have a polished manuscript ready to sell, PBPS can help! Here you will find:

  • Character-centered, suspense-building storytelling strategies that will help you start, fix, finish, or sell any story
  • Tips for writers trying to build self-efficacy and practice self-mercy

My NaNoWriMo-friendly resources are designed to be simple and approachable for planners and pantsers alike.

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