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I am a third-generation writer and second-generation editor who believes that narrative is humanity’s superpower. Plot Bunny Prep School ( is a repository for the resources I use to write and edit stories. I love helping storytellers of all ages and backgrounds hone their creative writing skills, whether they’re award-winning authors with decades of experience or ten-year-old novices.

Before launching my freelance editorial career, I worked at a literacy nonprofit for eight years, where I ran a free book distribution program and helped young writers become published authors. When I couldn’t find the right resources for my students, I started creating my own. I designed and taught lessons on plot development, world-building, the psychology of creative writing, pitching, and more. Along the way, I discovered that my talent for helping authors enthrall their audiences is my calling.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Chicago’s Roosevelt University and editing certificates from the University of Chicago, Edit Republic, and ACES. My hobbies include participating in NaNoWriMo every year, taking narratives apart to figure out how they function, and still playing The Sims 2.

Editorial Philosophy: Compassionate Critique

I know how difficult it can be to expose your hard work to critique. I also know what it’s like to struggle with writer’s block, feedback anxiety, impostor syndrome, and a vicious inner critic.

That’s why I give thorough, thoughtful, compassionate editorial feedback. My goal is to help you craft an engaging, unforgettable narrative on your own terms. Although my standards and expectations are high, my tone is patient and open-minded, not cranky or forbidding.

As a developmental editor, I consider the big picture of your work (e.g., concept, themes, arcs) as well as its finer details (e.g., sentence structure, word choice, dialogue). I help you fine-tune the organization, logic, and flow of your narrative so that your ideas come across clearly and powerfully.

My goal is to strengthen your voice, not stifle it.

I work with writers of fiction (including novels, NaNoWriMo drafts, and short stories) and creative nonfiction (including memoirs and personal statements for school admissions). For fiction, my areas of expertise include fantasy, science fiction, horror, thriller, comedy, romance, and literary fiction for adult, young adult, and middle grade audiences.


Christina Brown is the best thing that ever happened to my work. She is incisive, precise, kind and absolutely brilliant. I’ve worked with her on and off for more than twenty years and I’ve benefitted and learned from every project. She just makes things better. Way better.” —Achy Obejas

“I had the privilege of working with Christina for many years at a literacy nonprofit in Chicago. We managed a fiction writing program for teenage writers. I had the opportunity to watch Christina plan thoughtful and rigorous lesson plans, compassionately mentor teen and adult writers, and deliver insightful written and verbal feedback on manuscripts. She focuses on the writer and leverages her expertise in process and plot to provide invaluable feedback. Christina’s holistic approach to coaching sets her apart from other mentors. She provides space to center the writer’s relationship to their practice. I learned so much about myself, my writing, and the stories I want to tell by working with her.” —Sushmita Jaya Mukherjee

“Christina’s perspective on my writing helped me improve my stories. Her professional feedback is always helpful and is given kindly and thoughtfully. Without her advice, support, and humor, I would be left with unfinished pieces and a weaker novel. It was really great working with her, and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who needs a fun, talented, and encouraging editor!—Arianna (former student)

“My daughter first met Christina through a relaxed creative writing club for elementary kids and then worked with her more closely in a year-long Publishing Academy program. In this publishing program, students are guided through the writing process and end up with a fully published novel. Throughout the year, my daughter worked with Christina who provided constructive feedback in a very positive and respectful waymy daughter always felt like her ideas were heard and that she was challenged in ways that made her book better. She loved the program so much that she enrolled for a second year! Although the program has officially ended, I know that my daughter looks forward to the possibility of working with Christina again!” —Arianna’s Mother

“I walked into Publishing Academy in 2017, somewhat uncertain of how the experience would go. Yet Christina was right there, every step of the way. Whether that be for bouncing ideas off her, asking her to critique a scene, or simply needing someone to talk to, she has been there. To this day, I still open my Google Docs to read through past commentary and praise from Christina. Her opinions are strong, well thought out and most of all, charitable. I would turn to her during any time of need and trust her with any of my work in the writing process.—Neah Randle (former student)

“Christina Brown helped shape and guide my development as a writer as I was finding my own voice. She provided the guardrails that I needed as I formed my focus early in my career. Christina helped me see the difference between what I needed to say and what I wanted to say as a writer. I learned the importance of a clear, clean and direct message in my writing and of having an editor who respects and responds to my work.—Dominic Loise

“Christina was an absolute pleasure to work with. She did both the content [developmental] and copy editing of my personal statement for grad school applications. Her professionalism made it easy to trust her off the bat. I have never felt more empowered by someone correcting my mistakes. I was incredibly lucky to have her meticulous editor’s eye on my statement. I look forward to working with her again in the future. 5/5, would recommend.” —Atalissa Dean

Christina is a masterful editor. She has a keen eye for little details and typos that other editors might miss. But more important, she sees the larger, structural problems that sometimes crop up in a long novel, like timeline discrepancies or unintentional contradictions. Christina helped me revise my own novel to create a more textured style of writing and eliminate unnecessary passages. Her suggestions were so vital to the book. She’s worth every penny!” —Patrick Reichard

Editorial Services and Prices (USD)

Critique Level 1: Manuscript Evaluation

This is not your average alpha or beta read! In a manuscript evaluation, I provide in-depth, inspiring narrative analysis and revision advice.

As I read your manuscript, I insert tactfully worded comments to show you exactly where I was amazed or confused—and why. Then I write a comprehensive editorial letter that celebrates your accomplishments, identifies areas for improvement, and proposes specific revision strategies.

Cost of manuscript evaluation: $0.01 per word (about $2.50 per double-spaced page) with a $150 minimum.

Critique Level 2: Developmental Editing

In a developmental edit, I provide more nitty-gritty, hands-on revision support via tracked line edits and formatting adjustments. As in Critique Level 1, you also get my shrewd and encouraging comments and an editorial letter full of big-picture feedback.

Cost of developmental editing: $0.03 per word (about $7.50 per double-spaced page) with a $150 minimum.

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